Tax Services for Foreigners & Foreign Companies in Japan

We offer a range of tax advisory and filing services for foreign residents, business owners, and foreign companies and subsidiaries in Japan. Communicate with us in English and take comfort in receiving patient and accurate advice on Japan’s complex and extensive tax requirements.

Our main services are as follows:

1. Japanese domestic tax consulting

Japanese tax laws are some of the world’s most detailed and complex. Moreover, they’re in formal, technical language that can even be difficult for native Japanese to understand. We’ll help you through your own or your company’s income tax, corporate tax, consumption tax, and other taxes, with comprehensive guidance in English.

We can also advise on optimizing taxes for individual businesses and corporations, including tax savings by incorporating private businesses. For foreign companies, we advise on establishing Japanese subsidiaries and we can introduce the necessary specialists to get your branch set up, compliant, and continually informed.

2. Japanese tax return preparation and bookkeeping

We can perform routine bookkeeping on your behalf, prepare financial statements, and prepare and represent you when you file income tax and corporate tax returns.

We’ll also provide periodic reviews of your financial performance, advise you on appropriate tax-saving measures, and update you on new policies. And we can prepare financial and tax reports for you in English.

3. Advice on overseas trade and transactions

If you’re trading across borders, you must consider domestic laws and the taxation relationships under treaties between Japan and other countries. We can then assist you with preparing appropriate tax returns and guide you in paying taxes where necessary.

Foreign subsidiaries must also be especially aware of international taxation systems and policies, such as transfer pricing. We provide appropriate advice on these issues for individuals and corporations.


(for foreigners & foreign corporations)